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EZ Health is EZ Life Sep 14th, 2020

The reason I chose this sentence as my Logo 'EZ Health EZ Life' becuase I really believe on that. If physical health or mental health is overwhelming then overall quality of life gets really stressful. My goal is to teach patients and not just give then one medication after other....

Healthy Life Aug 23rd, 2020

I have seen patients health detoriating due to underlying mental stress. We should never ignore that as our mental status has a huge impact on our body. When I see patients I always let patients discuss about that and I have seen a better outcome.  Make an appointment today and...

Weight Loss Jul 21st, 2020

Losing weight is hard and maintaining the lost weight, even harder. I know the struggle and frustration as I have been helping my patients in their weight loss journey for many years. Call to make appointment

EZ HealthCare Feb 11th, 2020